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Terms and conditions

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Relevance and Modification of the information

The information on this Website is the effective one in the date of its last upgrade. Transportes Chinchón reserves the right to upgrade, to modify or to eliminate the information of this Website, being able to limit or not to allow the access to this Website.
This Website can not be altered, changed, modified, or adapted. However Transportes Chinchón reserves the ability to make, at any moment, any changes and modifications that it estimates convenient, being able to make use of such an ability at any time and without previous notice.
Transportes Chinchón reserves the ability of modifying the conditions and use terms of this Website unilaterally. Any modification of the same ones will be announced conveniently. The coming into effect of the use conditions modifications will take place since the moment of its publication in this Website



Transportes Chinchón does the maximum efforts to avoid any error in the contents that could appear in this Website. Transportes Chinchón does not guarantee neither takes the responsibility of the consequences that could be derived of the contents’ errors that could appear in this Website provided by third party.
It is only admitted to discharge and to print images and other information with private and not lucrative neither commercial aims, under the knowledge and acceptance of the present terms and conditions.
It is specifically forbidden to publish, to reproduce or to use the images and another information of this Website for electronic informative bulletins, Companies Intranet or Internet; neither to grant licenses, to sell or to distribute the images in any other way without the authorization in writing of Transportes Chinchón.
It is specifically forbidden to use the images, pictures or any content of the Website at any way that it can be considered scandalous, pornographic, obscene or immoral, declining Transportes Chinchón any responsibility for these acts. The material authors of these acts will exclusively respond for them.
Transportes Chinchón does not take responsibility of those contents, commercial activities, products and included services can be visualized by means of electronic connections (links), direct or indirectly, through this Website. The links presence in this Website, except for expressed manifestation in contrary, has a merely informative purpose and in any case it supposes a suggestion, invitation or recommendation of the above-mentioned links. These connections do not represent any type of relationship between Transportes Chinchón and private individuals or associate companies of the websites to whom it can be accessed by these links. Transportes Chinchón reserves the right of retiring in an unilateral way and in any moment the links appeared in its Website.
Transportes Chinchón excludes all responsibility derived of the transmission of information among users. The responsibility of the manifestations spread in this Website is exclusive of who carry out them. It is prohibited any type of data transmission the users can carry out to it or by means of this Website or other controlled accesses by Transportes Chinchón that infringe the rights of third party ownership, and whose content is threatening, scandalous, obscene, pornographic, or the transmission of any other material that constitutes or incite a behaviour considered as a penal offence.
Also it is forbidden the inclusion and communication of false or inexact contents, on behalf of the users, and those whom can induced to error to the rest of users or the personnel of Transportes Chinchón, in particular the contents protected by any rights of intellectual or industrial property belonging to third party, when they don’t have the authorization of the holder of the rights, or discredit the fame or credibility of Transportes Chinchón, be considered as a case of illicit, deceiving or disloyal publicity and/or incorporate virus or any other electronic element that can damage or can impede the operation of the Website, network, computers of Transportes Chinchón or third party and/or the access to the Website of the rest of users.
Transportes Chinchón reserves the right to impede or to prohibit the access to any user that carries out any of the referenced behaviours with enunciated and not limited character in the present paragraph.


Intellectual and Industrial Property

This Website and the housed contents are protected by the Intellectual Property laws, for their private use and without any commercial or lucrative purpose.
All the contents of this Website, by way of information without limitation, texts, graphics, pictures, images, illustrations and software are property of Transportes Chinchón. In consequence, they won’t be able to be object of exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, release or transformation, in any type of support or format and through any technical procedure or exploitation system, being included in them, by way of information without limitation, TV for hertzian waves, cable, satellite, being free or subject to payment, CD-ROM and their distribution in domestic or commercial videotape, and mainly in interactive and on-line systems, or used for others purposes without the expressed consent of Transportes Chinchón.
The access to this Website neither grant to the users the right nor ownership on the intellectual property rights of the contents that this Website houses. Any part or element of the Website or their contents will be able to be copied or broadcast for any means and the Website, their contents and all the attached rights will remain sole right ownership of Transportes Chinchón, unless the contrary is agreed.
Transportes Chinchón reserves the right of modification, exclusion or inclusion of texts and images in the development of its Website. Any modification of the texts and images for third party not specifically authorized it will be considered a violation of the intellectual property rights.
Transportes Chinchón reserves the right of he onerous transfer or not to third party of the images and texts that its Website contains.
The trade name, marks, logo, products and services contained in this Website are protected by law.
Transportes Chinchón reserves the possibility of exercising the judicial acts corresponding against the users that violate or infringe the rights of intellectual and industrial ownership.


Browsing and Security

Transportes Chinchón makes the maximum efforts to guarantee the sailing through this Website is carried out under the best conditions and to avoid the damages caused during the browsing. The services offered through this Website will be correctly received in case the specified technical conditions in this legal warning will be fulfilled.
This Website has been designed to support Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer navigators. Transportes Chinchón does not become responsible for the damages of any nature suffered by the users using navigators or different versions.
Transportes Chinchón neither takes the responsibility nor guarantees the access to this Website will be uninterrupted or error free. It neither takes the responsibility nor guarantees the content or software to which can be consented through this Website, be free of error or cause damage. Transportes Chinchón never will be responsible for the losses, damages or harms arise for the access and the use of the Website, being included but not being limited, to those caused to the computer systems or the ones caused by the virus introduction. Transportes Chinchón does not become responsible for the damages caused to the users by an inadequate use of this Website. In particular, it does not become responsible of the falls, interruptions, telecommunications lacks or defects happened in operations of financial nature.
The services offered in this Website can only be correctly used if the technical specifications are fulfilled for those that it has been designed.


Data Protection

The visit to this Website does not suppose the users are forced to provide any information about them. In case the user provides some personal nature information, the obtained data in this Website will be used with the purpose in the means and with the limitations and rights that it comes across the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Data of Personal Nature. The data supplied by the users will be incorporate to the files of personal nature of those that is responsible Transportes Chinchón, where they will be conserved by Transportes Chinchón in a confidential way.
If the users provide personal nature data, then they unequivocally consent the incorporation of their data to the files that contain personal nature data, of those that is responsible Transportes Chinchón, as well as the computerized treatment or not of the data with the aim to be used by Transportes Chinchón, to manage the use of the professional services that Transportes Chinchón in a personalized way offers, as well as for a commercial purpose to inform the user of other products and services offered by Transportes Chinchón. Transportes Chinchón will be able to conserve the data once concluded the whole relationship with the user to fulfil legal obligations.
Transportes Chinchón will proceed to cancel the obtained data when they will stop being necessary or pertinent for the purpose for which has been obtained or registered.
In case the obtained data will be used for a different purpose for which has been obtained or picked up, the previous consent of those concerned will be required.
Transportes Chinchón has adopted the necessary technical and organizational deeds to guarantee the security and integrity of the data, as well as to avoid its alteration, lost, treatment or not authorized access.
The users whose data is the target of a treatment will be able to exercise the rights of opposition, access and information, rectification, cancellation of their data and repeal of their authorization gratuitously and without retroactive effects in the terms specified in the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Data of Personal Nature, according to the legally established procedure. These rights will be able to be exercised applying in writing to the following address: Transportes Chinchón López S.L. – Travesía de la Barca Nave D16 – 19208 Alovera – Guadalajara – Spain.
In the moment to proceed to the data collection, the voluntary or obligatory nature of the obtained data will be indicated. The refusal to provide the obligatory qualified data will suppose the non benefit or the impossibility to access to the service for those that were requested. Likewise, they will be able to provide data in a voluntary way with the target that they can be lent in a better way the offered services.
In case the users of this Website should provide their electronic mail address to access to some of the offered services, they will be able to manifest they do not want to receive any kind of communication that Transportes Chinchón can send, whenever it is not strictly bound to the purpose requested. For the users who are registered in some kind of mail list inside this Website, Transportes Chinchón will put to their disposal the appropriate mechanisms to be eliminated from the above-mentioned list.
The access to this Website can involve the use of cookies. The cookies are small quantities of information that are stored in the navigator used by each user so the server remembers certain information that later on the server that implemented it will only read. The cookies generally have a limited period. No cookie allows contact with the user’s telephone number, users electronic mail address or with any other communication tools. No cookie can extract information of the user’s hard disk or to steal personal information. The only way that the users personal information can be part of the cookie, it is if the user personally gives that information personally to the server. Those users that don’t want to receive cookies or want to be informed of their fixation they can configure their navigator to this end.


Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

The terms and conditions that govern this Website and all the relationships that could be derived are safeguarded by the Spanish legislation.
Any controversy that could be derived of the access or the use of this Website undergoes the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunals of Guadalajara, Spain.